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Giselle Navaroli

Giselle Navaroli is a Toronto-based artist, born and raised in Havana, Cuba; where she completed the Elementary School of Ballet, a degree in Clowning from The National Circus School, and a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cuba.


Giselle is a very versatile and multidisciplinary artist, her art expressions range from visual art to performance arts. As a performer, Giselle partook as a lead actress at “Buendia” Theatre Company in Cuba, toured to Samara, Moscow, Minas Gerais, and Brazil for the International Theatre Festival, two times at Ibero–American Theatre Festival in Costa Rica, and later she performed in England at The Globe Theatre.


She is an advocate for children and youth working in communities’ recreational programs. Also, supporting children and their families at Sick Kids as a therapeutic clown and creating and developing engaging programs.


As a visual artist, Giselle enjoys experimenting with multiple media and techniques and telling stories with her work. Her most recognized characters are intriguing and with a neo-expressionist palette that complements effectively the atmosphere of every painting.   


In 2000 she came to Toronto, for the World Stage Festival and currently resides in the city.

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